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Client Testimonials

Our clients have seen remarkable results in their fitness levels and overall well-being through our personalized training programs. They consistently praise the dedication and expertise of our personal trainers and specialists, highlighting the supportive and motivating environment that has helped them achieve their fitness goals. Their testimonials speak volumes about the positive impact our private training sessions have had on their lives, inspiring others to join our fitness community.

"I have had chronic arm, shoulder and upper back pain for years and just stopped working out because of the flair ups after working out on my own. After working with the team at Thrive they have me back on track by helping me with exercises that are less stressful and building me back up to where I need to be. I'm finally getting my pain under control while building strength and I am so thankful."

"I’ve been training with Jim for about 2 years now, and what sets him apart from other fitness professionals is his passion. When you work with him you can see how much he loves his job because he just wants people to feel their best. For Jim, it’s not a 9-5 to pay the bills, it’s his life. He is motivating, not intimidating. Jim listens to what you want to accomplish,and sets goals to reach it. He is always reading up on techniques and exercises, and he has a great understanding on how the body works. I highly recommend Jim whether you’re training for a fitness competition, recovering from an injury, or just want to try to be more active!"

"The team at Thrive are so knowledgeable and offer such a welcoming atmosphere. I came back to train after my pregnancy and then got hurt, but with Jim’s knowledge and passion for strength and training I’m doing everything I need in one place and getting stronger daily. The compassion, humor, and knowledge here makes me want to continue to thrive!"

"I would highly recommend personal trainer, Jim Nolan, to any client! I have a very physically demanding job which, in combination with exercising, caused a lot of shoulder tension, overall discomfort, and poor posture. Through manual muscle manipulation and stretching with Jim, I can confidently say my symptoms have resolved! He takes the time to explain each step to you and recommends specific stretching exercises personalized to your needs. Jim is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic about his work, and always maintains professionalism. I would truly recommend him to anyone for his excellent work!"

"Jim gave an awesome introduction to weight training. He did a great job of not only teaching proper form but also explaining the science behind the form. It made the session that much more meaningful and educational. I especially liked the portion with lower body focus and resistance training! He created a versatile program that targets all of the lower body muscle groups... Definitely a great program to get summer ready!"

"Since starting personal training with Jim at Thrive Fitness I have been able to make tremendous gains towards my personal fitness and wellness goals. His attention to my strengths and weaknesses have proven invaluable. Jim’s expertise and understanding of my MS with regards to functional movements, centered around strength and mobility, have improved the tightness I experience in my right hip as a result of my condition. 
Each week he assesses and adapts the training to meet my individual needs. He is consistently adapting the exercises and routines, sometimes in the moment, to challenge me and increase my strength while ensuring I am keeping proper form to prevent injury. In addition, he routinely evaluates each exercise by maintaining his focus on the movements from all angles, spotting and encouraging along the way. 
The personal training program he delivers is customized and unlike the standardized approach I have received from other trainers at various gyms. This holistic approach meets me where I am at physically each week"

"I was referred to Thrive by my physiatrist for severe injuries I sustained when I was hit by a motor vehicle.  All my ribs were fractured and a vertebrae.  Jim focused on opening up my chest with exercise and stretching.  He also started with deep tissue bodywork.  At first Jim was so gentle with the bodywork, I didn’t think it could possibly be effective. 


Jim found all the scar tissue around the fractures and smoothed them out with bodywork.  It is remarkably effective!  I stand straighter with no pain.  Jim continued to help me strengthen my muscles and smooth out the scar tissue and the sore muscles.  I’ve been very happy with Jim’s service."

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