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Workshops:  Private Small Group Training

Thrive Workshops: meticulously crafted with over 30 years of expertise in group and personal training.  Each workshop accommodates just 6 participants, ensuring a focused and personalized experience while offering specific goals in mind.

Boot Camp.png

 Thrive Summer Camp is an intense indoor boot camp featuring a one-hour total body workout using diverse equipment.  Participants rotate through station-based exercises, each lasting one minute, maximizing individual effort and providing a varied workout experience each week.

6 Week Program:  $99

Health in Motion.png

Our Health in Motion Workshop enhances joint flexibility, balance, and core strength for diverse clients, including those with disabilities and recovering from injuries, promoting overall mobility and stability.

6 Week Program:  $99

Shoulder Mobility.png

Enhance shoulder mobility with Jim Nolan, our Master Trainer & Shoulder Specialist. Improve strength, flexibility, and reduce joint pain through advanced exercises and mobility drills. This workshop also boosts posture, grip strength, and enhances wrist and elbow health.

6 Week Program:  $99


Rising Stars WS.png

Calling all young athletes aged 8-12!
Level up your game with our 4-week Youth Strength & Conditioning Workshop. Develop better balance & mobility, build strength and unleash your full potential.
Limited spots available – enroll now and start your journey to greatness!

4 Week Program:  $75


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